National junior Enduro champion

National junior Enduro champion

Grey College is definitely a school with boys who excel in a variety of sport.
Fritz van der Merwe (15) is a great example of this.
He did exceptionally well in T-bone motorbike racing at the 2017 National Junior Enduro Championship.
His combined scores of the races placed him in the 1st overall position in the National High School Junior category.
The championship consisted of 6 races during the year and Fritz received points in 5 of the races with two gold medals, one silver medal and two fifth places.

T-Bone racing started this year and therefore it was his a first for him to compete in this type of racing.
The past three years, he has competed in the Barkly-East endurance race which takes place over three days.  He also competed in the Matat-2-Pont endurance race which also takes place over three days.  

His love for motorbikes started on their farm, seeing as his dad and four brothers all love to ride motorbikes.
He was a pupil in Barkly-East school until he started at Grey Primary in grade 4.

Every weekend he gets to practice on the farm and the physical hours for practice is a challenge because of the distance.
He is a strong competitor in racing and definitely an adrenalin junkie.

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